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What are the real benefits of joining a veterans based group such as the VFW or American Legion other than the camaraderie?
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Quibly: 27 Sep 2012
I am not a member myself as I do not qualify under their rules of combat Veterans but far be it for me to tell you not to join if you can. There are benefit...

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Tsalagi: 27 Sep 2012
    Aside from providing a powerful united political voice for veterans of all era's,these organizations do a lot of positive work in the community,as well as p...
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    ssgcdw: 08 Oct 2012
      I can't speak for the VFW but I am a member of the American Legion. The Legion offers alot of benefits such as discounts on certain things, scholarships, ass...
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      cmbtvet20: 07 Dec 2012
        There are alot more benefits than just camaraderie, when you join a veteran's group. I am a member of two groups: the Marine Corp League, and the VFW. ...
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