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What does one do if they are declined Vocational Rehabilitation?
Posted by: Phury
One of my coworkers has a job but is trying to get Voc Rehab but was denied because he has a job.
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Dj.Marshall.Artz: 16 Mar 2012
There in nothing you can do. Voc Rehab is for training for a job. If they already have one, then there is nothing to do but use their GI Bill to goto school,...

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Tsalagi: 25 Apr 2012
    There are many many civilian groups that offer voc rehab even in this tough economy for instance here in ny we have VESID,there's also a Mayor's office for ...
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    THEJasonSorrell: 23 Jan 2014
       Look into other, non-VA means of improving your skill-set. 
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