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I want to change my VA primary care doc. Anyone know how I can "interview" VA docs to find the right one for me?
Posted by: WarriorWoman
Last couple of times I saw him, I was not happy with the way I was treated. He insinuated that if a changed, it would be hard to get a doc in VA. I'd also prefer a female, but a great male would be OK. I am willing to travel to another clinic for the right one.
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txgreenant: 10 Apr 2012
I don't know if you can "interview" them but I had my VA doctor changed in the past. I also was not happy so I want to the patient representative at the VA ...

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nursenadine: 11 Apr 2012
    I agree that I don't know about "interviewing" them. But I was having problems with mine and I asked around the V.A. office. I asked the enrollement people, ...
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    terryace: 11 Apr 2012
      you can go to the triage desk and request another primary care server
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      Tsalagi: 11 Feb 2013
        Try to see if they don't have a women's wellness clinic in your hospital,from what I understand it's mandated by law(probably due to the high number of women...
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