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If having a combat action ribbon is the automatic qualifier for compensation for PTSD, then how can the VA deny me my benifit?
Posted by: docfarva
I was diagnosed with PTSD while I was active and applied for compensation 3 times. How can they do this?
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jsav: 20 Mar 2012
The criteria to be awarded the combat action ribbon is to have actively participated in ground or surface combat, which administratively has been widened to ...

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Rob: 29 Mar 2012
    So i'll add a little to what the other Vet said: The military and VA don't always communicate as well as you believe. If you were diagnosed with PTSD wit...
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    THEJasonSorrell: 24 Jan 2014
       There is having a disability, then there is being so disabled as to merit compensation.  Being diagnosed is not an automatic qualifier. 
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