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Why does it take so long for he VA to resolve claims filed by Veterans?
Posted by: pbrivers
I'm a U.S. Viet Nam Veteran, I filed 3 compensation claims back in Nov. of 2010, and they have not been resolved as yet, the claims are Idle at this time.
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msolo68: 19 Jun 2012
I think there are just so many now and they do not even have enough people to do the job. Also, I noticed the VA here in Salt Lake hires uneducated people wh...

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Quibly: 19 Jun 2012
    The system takes time and despite what you might be hearing in the media the changes made are only going to affect more recent filings not necessarily anyone...
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    aimee.corbett.73: 21 Nov 2012
      Sadly there are more and more Vets and not enough people employed to handle the influx. Its the same once you actually get into the system. Right now it can ...
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