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I have PTSD and it seems to be flaring up a lot lately. I even hit a young man for touching me. Should I talk to my pscyhiatrist about increasing my medications. My nightmares have come back.
Posted by: buterscotchrum
Since an altercation with a male-I'm on edge ready to fight at any minute...
Answers (3)
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recon311: 21 May 2012
what is causing you to regress, you need to sit down and talk about everything you are going through as I have the same problem and crowds really set it off ...

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JCcad: 21 May 2012
    I would go to the VA and set up an appointment with therapist or social worker. I have had this happen to me a lot and the next day I call my local VA and we...
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    onefinefeller: 21 May 2012
      I been dealing with PTSD for many years. Medications do not work. The only thing that has helped me has been talking it out with a psycologist who is trained...
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