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i am broke and need help to pay bills who will help?
Posted by: pat101
Answers (5)
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dame: 26 Jun 2012
Dding on your bills, there are local organizations, aw well as food banks, that can be of assistance.

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87 answers
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Gote: 26 Jun 2012
    Check the phone book for your County Veteran's Affairs Office. When funding is available they can help with a multitude of things. If you're retired and ne...
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    ezduzitjoey: 26 Jun 2012
      My answer is just about the same but if you don't have funds to pay your bills you can also ask the people that you owe to work with you. People know times a...
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      rudygarcia74: 28 Jun 2012
        look up homeless vets on the internet the va has programs to help with bills homelessnes or if your getting close to becoming homeless i did it and i go this...
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