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How do you get to sleep when you are wide awake at 3: am?
Posted by: spooks
Answers (4)
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aarontmyers: 29 Oct 2013
I play solitaire classic on my phone. That usually works for me.  I was an insomniac in high school and have battled it most of my life.  I started...

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512 answers
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falcons13: 30 Oct 2013
    If you lay back down.and relax you will get quite time.
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    9 answers
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    Kalindria: 30 Oct 2013
      You need to try to establish a pattern of going to bed. Don't read or watch TV while in bed, because you may get caught up in the chapter or show you're watc...
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      tom50: 22 Dec 2013
        I too have awakened in the middle of the night wide awake. What I found helpful is proper diet and exercise also I have begun counseling and my sleep has imp...
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