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How can I talk to a live person about my VA benefits?
Posted by: short
Answers (4)
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RAKKASAN: 11 Apr 2012
VA interaction, always fun. There is a number you can call with live persons who can answer your questions in regards to benefits. This number is 1-800-827-1...

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nursenadine: 11 Apr 2012
    Find out where you local V.A. office is. Here is an offical link to finding VA centers:
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    bigshamu: 28 Apr 2012
      Outside of contacting VA offices for information you can go to any of several different volunteer service organization. Most will give you a hand even if you...
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      THEJasonSorrell: 27 Jan 2014
         Call the VA.  You could also check out the VFW or your local VA center for assistance.
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