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can you get paid by the gi bill for taking online classes. and how much roughly do you get paid is it the same as actually going to school?
Posted by: toneyd19
Answers (3)
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forcatgirl: 12 Jun 2012
You can use the Montgomery Bill to take classes online. How much you receive depends on different factors; how much you are eligible for, how many classes ...

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thomasallen12: 13 Jun 2012
    If you take online classes and use the Post 9-11 GI Bill you will get your school paid for and also get the 1/2 the national average BAH rate as well...
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    mrswilkins: 24 Jun 2012
      Yes but u will only get like $698 for housing and a kicker of roughly $500 and a 1 time $500 book stipend. I'm doing it so that's what I get.
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