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If I was told that I have PTSD by a psychiatrist and the VA deny's my claim. What is the best way to go about reopening the case? It's been at least 6 years now since the case was closed.
Posted by: Clay
Answers (3)
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cjfromtheguard: 28 Mar 2013
Ask for a Appeal of denial of benifits form and maybe get a attorney to help you submit it. He will get like medical papers from your psychiatrist and stuff ...

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3 answers
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cibsoldier327: 28 Mar 2013
    The best thing you can do to resolve this would be to re file your claim and make sure you have all of the documentation from your Doctor showing why and wha...
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    SSGNorth: 29 Mar 2013
      Anytime the VA denies a claim you have the right appeal that decision. I would first contact your County Veteran Service Officer, usually located at the coun...
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