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I was denied a VA claim for PTSD. What should I do next to try to get a claim approved?
Posted by: fowler6039
Answers (9)
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gonoles3445: 03 Aug 2012
I have been battling the VA for years and they continue to deny me when I have had four doctors tell me I had PTSD. The VA is a joke. There are many places w...

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14 answers
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tsowen75: 03 Aug 2012
    I had a friend who was denied as well, he went and seen his family doctor and was diagnosed by him as having PTSD, I will try the DAV to help you with an app...
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    petexfacundo: 03 Aug 2012
      Try again. You can also file through Social Security, too.
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      llgriffith: 03 Aug 2012
        All of the above answers are excellent advice. Whatever you do don't give up. Consider it a full time job to get what is rightfully yours. It took me several...
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