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WHY are we vet's being cut back on our VA visit's,
Posted by: RAYAKE
beacuse of my agent orange contact problem,,I am to see my VA doc's 4 time's a year..NOW it has been cut to once a year.. I do not understand this at all..with my health grtting worse,,and been given last right's 5 time's in the last 3 year's. they are pushing the VA doc's to see us for no moer than 15 min's,,at a time..WHY ??? I have put in for my VA disability several time's and it is alway's getting lost or missed placed,,in the last 12 year's,,again WHY ??
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va health care is getting worse,because over whelming of veteran<and it is not going to get better

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50 answers
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chaindrive: 22 Aug 2012
    I think they are cutting back on all us older vets because they are being overwhelmed by the newer vets.
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    emswelch01: 23 Aug 2012
      if you dont have a rating you get put on a lower priority i believe
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      feralgenius: 24 Aug 2012
        Is it just what your doctor decided based on your health or is it something other people at your VA clinic are experiencing? At the VA clinic I go to, I hav...
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