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what do you think about the va taking so long on disability claims??
Posted by: shades123
Answers (6)
437 answers
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msolo68: 26 Jul 2012
I think there has been a mandate somewhere by someone way up on the pay grade scale saying that they need to deny and go slower hoping you find a job or give...

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21 answers
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belaugirl: 27 Jul 2012
    I think they need to start up a draft so that all our friends, family, and politicians can remember how everyone had to pay a damn price at one point in time...
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    34 answers
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    courtneytheguy: 27 Jul 2012
      My first claim took nearly 18 months, and now I'm waiting for my NOD to go through, thats been in for 6 months so far with no action on the VA's part (that I...
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      1038 answers
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      Tsalagi: 27 Jul 2012
        Yes,it does take a very long time but the good news is that when it comes through it will be retroactive(Don't spend all the money in one place).But the good...
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