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I'm trying to get My V.A.Pension re-instated .Why does it take so long to be approved?
Posted by: bigbro51
I'm in the process of a divorce which is why I lost My pension in the first place .It was because My wife made to mauch money . Now that were no longer together I'm still bein givin the run around which is very frustrating.I have My own place n so does she ,I'm in the process of reapplying but i seem to attract very rude operators on the toll-free lines.It gets very frustrating it s as if I feel like I have to BEG .I'm not giving Up though. I just hope It does nt come to late.
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bigshamu: 27 Aug 2012
Your claim is being processed in the order it was received. Each claim moves at it's own pace as the information required is requested and received. Informat...

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13 answers
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wiredaw6: 27 Aug 2012
    Instead of calling in why not go into the benefits office at the VA hospital nearest to you. I find that talking to a live person is a lot better than talkin...
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