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I have no health insurance and broke my foot the other day, i have no money for my upcoming rent, i am recently divorced and work a part time job at minimum wage..,. i desparatly need financial help very soon....
Posted by: hillbillygirl89
my ex-husband, of less than a month, filed bankruptcy and let the house go so he can move up north to live with his adulterous girlfriend. my credit is screwed for 10 years. my car is going to die any day now. i have taken out a few pay day advance loans in the past few weeks to pay for other bills I am unable to pay. my pay back date is this coming monday and i don't have the funds. i am single with no kids, and the state won't help single people. apparently they don't have problems
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bigshamu: 22 Jun 2012
First off, are you a veteran? If so, get yourself down to the nearest VA Medical Center and get your foot taken care of. If you're not a veteran go to the ne...

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dame: 23 Jun 2012
    Go to operationhomefront.com or usacares.com and fill out an application. They will cann you the next business day, and are GREAT with helping in those kinds...
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