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About Us

Vets Prevail is an online resource provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that was built in collaboration with the Veterans Health Administration, the National Science Foundation, and leading mental health researchers and clinicians. This one of a kind program model is easily accessible from any internet connection and provides evidence-based '€œearly interventions'€ to individuals who otherwise may not be able or willing to engage with traditional avenues for care.

Vets Prevail has helped thousands live better lives through innovative programs and technology. Incorporating proven strategies from the gaming industry and an incentive system, the program utilizes next-generation technology to create highly customized and adaptive interactive experiences to engage and support audiences. Vets Prevail combines cutting edge behavioral science with cutting edge software design to realize the promise of accessible quality behavioral health care for each and every one of America's Veterans.

Read about the results of a Randomized Clinical Trial of Vets Prevail.


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